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Save game resident evil 5 xbox 360

save game resident evil 5 xbox 360

Go directly to save the box at the center platform.
Collect everything, then save the game and quit.
This should bring you into "dying status and Sheva will try to revive you."Public Assembly" mission, sheva (Clubbin "Ancient Ruins" mission, sheva (Tribal "Missile Area" mission.The Great Escape (15 points Complete "Desperate resident Escape" with an S rank.Completed Chapter 1 save - 2 (15 points Complete Chapter 1 - 2 on any difficulty setting.Stockpile (30 points Obtain all available weapons.Be save the Knife (60 points Deflect a bow gun arrow with your game knife.Get about five minutes worth of time.Lure the Big Man Majini to where you just fought the Adjule.The gem is on the ledge Sheva lands.Since you are killing all the enemies your kill count will be high.Easy items and money Use the "Duplicate items" glitch on eggs, preferably "Rotten" since they are worth 2,000 gold each.Emerald (Brilliant) Chapter 5-3: At the start of the Wesker and Jill fight at the end of the chapter, game run up the staircase on the right in front of you.Let's Get This Party Started!Then, sell the eggs to get easy money. Once it is picked up, save have save the second player leave the game, and save their current equipment.
If done correctly, the lock will be destroyed.

In the southwest corner of the bottom floor, there is a small pillar of stone in the middle, with what looks to be a log with spikes coming out of it manual as well as a rib cage manual hanging from.Completed Chapter 3 - 2 (15 points Complete Chapter 3 - 2 on any difficulty setting.Run the Gauntlet (40 points Complete "Desperate Escape" on Professional.It is inside the mine as you cross the first bridge; look to your right, high on the rocks.Follow xbox it until finding a square archway.Only kill story-driven enemies (ones that hold key cards or those that must be defeated to advance file the game).Once she lifts herself up, start to move the boulder using the button contexts.Original Resident frances Evil camera and controls Lost In Nightmares" DLC) Start Resident Evil 5: Lost In Nightmares, then turn around, and investigate the entrance door three times to use the original Resident Evil camera and controls.194 capcom., LTD.It's Just a Bad Dream!Kill all the enemies that are triggered when you drop down.Kill them quickly, because there are two Majini with melee batons coming down the stairs.Just when Wesker comes up the stairs, shoot a rocket at him. Keep the Good Times Rolling (15 points Chain a 20-defeated combo in Slayers.
Try to avoid hitting Jill directly cheat because a flash grenade can kill her.