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Epub 222.7KB 1 222.7KB 12, at Her rebekah Feet - Rebekah Weatherspoon.Opf.9KB.1MB weatherspoonpdf 10, rebekah Weatherspoon - Treasure. Rebekah Weatherspoon - The t 243.2KB.With the rebekah results of my blood tests and his weatherspoonpdf comforting smile that dulled the intensity of his electric blue eyes and his large fangs.With..
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Supcom fa patch 1.5.3598

O Cybran 20 damage o Seraphim 10 damage Change Naval yards to supcom be hit with torpedoes, collision box lowered by 1 Hoplite now uses the correct amount of transport clamps Firebeetle changed to patch deal 4500 damage, health lowered to 300, Firing tolerance increased to 100.
Riptide, UEF T2 Amphibious Tank patch - Increasing Cost.
Transferred 2600 from the Harbringers shield to its health Gifting Units to allies bugs fixed Eye of Rhianne remote viewing radius decreased from 45.
O Overcharge has an increased damage radius.5 (from supcom 2 and supcom a reload.3 (from.2).(done by selecting both unupgraded sACU and an ACU and giving overcharge command) Fixed issue where FA only player could innapropriately be another faction during.T3 SAMs costs reduced significantly from 1400M 12000E supcom to 800M 8000E Seraphim cruiser direct fire Anti Air weapon and seraphim T3 Anti Air cannon building weapon improved muzzle velocity.Increase striker, aurora and thaam movement speed.1 (from 3 -.1.3 -.4) Increase frigate anti-air dps to 15, attack boat anti-air dps to 35, and Battleship Antiair dps to 60 Fix Fatboy, Monkeylord, Megalith and the brick being able.T3 Air and T3 Naval Factories changed: mass cost equals land t3 factory now.O Energy Storage now costs 250M 1200E (from 120M 2400E stores 5000E (from 2000E o explodes for 2000 damage in a 5 radius (from 500 damage 3 radius and has 500 health (from 1200).It was permanent and wasnt removed if the unit left the aura.Cybran Missille health normalized so that supcom the parent missille has 1 health and the child missilles have 1 health each as well.T2 Mobile missile launchers damage increased 50 T3 Mobile missile launchers damage increased 100 Mercy fuel increased from 70 to 110 T1 Transports can pick up ACUs again.Land Experimental cost increased 20, the cheaper ones increased more than the expensive ones (percentage wise).Balance Issues:hggh, seraphim T3 Submarine Hunter - Reducing MaxRadius on torpedo. Bomb drop prediction corrected on all T1 T2 T3 bombers.
T2 build rate decreased to 25 from.

UEF T2 Cruiser now can correctly use all weapons simultaneously Seraphim Advanced Regenration Field no longer provides tyrolia a activation health bonus.O Factories and game Engineers no longer increase Energy Storage.Cybran Engineering font Stations: T1 converter cost increased to font 500M 2500E from 450M 2250E.Billy reload timeout increased to avoid rapid firing through assisting T1 Mass Extractor Health reduced to 600 from 800 Increased Cybran Deceiver (t2 mobile stealth generator) speed, acceleration and brake to match the values of other factions t2 mobile shields Increase Shield ship cost.Cybran t2 tank got buffed more as it was too weak compared to the others.Bug Fix: Fixed issue where Seraphim sACU could use overcharge before upgrading.Harms, Cybran T3 Torpedo Ambushing professional System - Increasing MinWaterDepth. Forged Alliance is a stand-alone expansion to the critically acclaimed RTS game professional Supreme Commander.

Seraphim T2 Tactical Missile Defense - Increasing ProjectileLifetime.
Aeon T3 Engineer build rate supcom fa patch 1.5.3598 increased to 20 from.